2nd Annual ICNA Upstate NY Convention Experience

2nd Annual ICNA Upstate N...

By Anum K.

The second annual ICNA conference was held at the Riverside Convention Center      

 in Rochester on Saturday, November 19th.


This event was a great opportunity to gain Islamic knowledge on topics like etiquette, marriage, parenting and life after death.

Hundreds of people from different parts of the States attended this event with their friends and families.Along with other Islamic organizations, WNYMuslims also had a booth at the conference to represent unity, diversity and service.


There were many stalls containing Islamic books for both children and adults, perfumes, hijabs and abayas. One of the more popular stalls was the honey stall which contained a variety of honey ranging from health and beauty purposes.

Babysitting was also available for parents who wanted to enjoy the lectures without distraction. The delicious food was provided by Pakistan House which is a popular Pakistani restaurant in Rochester.


There were many influential guest speakers like, Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Prof. Faizan Haq, Sr. Suzy Ismail, Imam Abdullah Khan, along with many others. Sr. Suzy Ismail discussed an interesting topic of Marriage- Dos and Donts, while Prof. Faizan Haq elaborated on the importance of a good value system in our society.

All in all, the event was a success with many informative lectures, Islamic shopping and delicious food.  Thanks for the sponsorship of a top quality wholesale toupee for men company: NewHairLine

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